Online Community

Befriending Yourself is an online community that explores an embodied, shadow-sensitive, trauma-informed approach to spirituality and healing. It opens to new member a few times each year. We meet as a community online every Thursday, for around 60-90 minutes. The current module (September through November 2020) is on shame and transforming the core wound of unworthiness. 

Our next module, which will take place from December 2020 through February 2021 will be on shadow work and the poetic beauty of our brokenness. March 2021 through June 2021 will explore what lies “beyond the project of self-improvement” and the further reaches of befriending. 

The structure of Befriending Yourself includes two live online sessions with myself and Jeff Foster together each month, where we gather as a community to meditate; engage in straight-talk about shadow and spirituality, healing and awakening, trauma and meditation; and respond to your questions from both psychological and spiritual perspectives. For those unable to join us live (many are not), you will receive a video replay of each session, audio MP3s, and a downloadable, written transcript.

In addition to the sessions together, Jeff and I will each come on live on our own to meet with the community in meditation, dialogue, and connection, where we explore select aspects of our work such as shadow, embodiment, and attunement; the nature of space and awareness, working with difficult emotional experience; the path of the wounded healer; the role of grief on the journey; and a re-humanized approach to spirituality in contemporary times. 

Effective September 3, 2020, the current schedule for the live sessions is as follows:

The first and third Thursdays of each month – live session with Matt & Jeff together (all sessions at 11am PT/ 7pm London)
The second Thursdays of the month – live session with Matt 
The fourth Thursday of each month – live session with Jeff


Learn more about Befriending Yourself and how to join us online.

Over the last eight years, Jeff and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the nature of a truly human spirituality, one that includes the chaos and mess of life, our body and emotions, shadow, intimacy, and the experiences of heartbreak, grief, and disappointment. And how the two wings of this path – deepening awareness and a radical self-compassion – come together to open us deeper into the Mystery.

We’ve been sharing this vision for a while now on retreat (as well as in our books and throughout social media), incorporating both meditative and depth psychological approaches to personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation, and have felt called to offer our work in an online format, where you can join us on this journey from the comfort of your own home.

To learn more about Befriending Yourself, member benefits, how to sign up, and other details, please visit the community page.

Thank you, as always, for sharing this path with me and for your deep care for yourself, for others, and for this world. I look forward to seeing you online!