Spiritual Bypassing, Shadow, & the Figures of Light
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"Buried inside the shadow are the lost pieces of the soul, which shine with the light of a billion suns. By bringing more discernment, mercy, and compassion to our engagement with our spiritual beliefs and practices, we open a portal for the lost ones to return."

- Matt Licata, Ph.D.

Matt Licata, Ph.D.

In this short webinar, psychotherapist and author Matt Licata explores the phenomenon of "spiritual bypassing" and how through greater awareness, understanding, and kindness, we can engage our spiritual lives in a deeper, more heartfelt, and more embodied way. 

We are wired as relational beings to attach and connect with others, and as little ones with open and sensitive hearts, brains, and nervous systems, we'll do whatever it takes to feel safe, seen, held, and included.

 In order to be received and to feel that we truly belong, we inevitably disconnect from parts of ourselves, aspects of our personalities, and vulnerable pieces of our souls. These split off dimensions of what we are end up being "relocated" in what is referred to as "the shadow," where they remain, awaiting a time when it is safe to return. 

"Spiritual bypassing" is one of many protective and avoidant strategies that we employ to keep us out of too much pain, fear, panic, overwhelm, and shame, from a direct confrontation with our own trauma and attachment wounding, and from the terror of rejection, blame, and abandonment.

By bringing curiosity and discernment to how this phenomenon may be expressing itself in our lives, we can discover the light and the gold that have been sent into the shadow, and what it would mean to allow it to return home, back into embodied, conscious awareness. 

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Spiritual Bypassing, Shadow, and the Figures of Light

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