Matt Licata presents:

 The Path of the
Wounded Healer

A Five-Session Online Course in Deep Soul Work to Open Your Heart, Tend to Old Wounds, & Find Meaning in Your Life

“Alchemical medicine is not found in a wound that is already healed, but in one that is currently weeping. The nature of this weeping is unique to each of us and learing to listen to it opens a doorway into the soul.”

Matt Licata


An Invitation from Matt Licata

We find ourselves in a unique and unprecedented time in human history, where there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty – personal, collective, and global.

It can feel so groundless, disorienting, and destabilizing

How can we navigate these deep waters in a way that honors the soul, that does not turn away from the inner or the outer world, but embraces both and infuses them with new levels of imagination, creativity, and compassion? 

I created the The Path of the Wounded Healer course as a guided journey of discovery for those drawn to live from their own authenticity and from their deepest intuitive knowing.  

An overview of our five sessions:

  • Session 1: The Path of the Wounded Healer & Revisioning the Idea of “Healing”

  • Session 2: The Creation of an Internal Holding Environment

  • Session 3: Shadow & Redeeming the Lost Pieces of Soul

  • Session 4: Tending to Soul – Meditation, Dream, & Imagination

  • Session 5: The Healing Temple of Close Personal Relationship

Yes, sometimes things “fall apart” – the loss of a relationship we thought would last forever, the end of a job or career, an out-of-the-blue symptom in the body, an unexpected depression or loss of meaning. Not to mention the crumbling of social structures, governmental integrity, financial collapse, unsustainable healthcare systems, and perhaps most importantly the falling apart of the Earth herself. 

It is easy to drop into a state of despondency, apathy, ambivalence, and hopelessness in the face of all this. While these, too, are very natural human experiences and worthy of our curiosity and attention, there are unique opportunities that come only in times of uncertainty and confusion.

Many of the world’s great mystics, poets, yogis, and alchemists have pointed to the light that is found only in times of dissolution.

For it is only in embodied attunement to the darkness in all its forms that the new, fresh, creative waters of rebirth can flourish and flow. 

The journey of illumination is one that is oriented in primary experience and direct revelation. We must each find our own personal ways to navigate the terrain, to honor the wound as well as our own unique sensitivities, eccentricities, and destiny. The unfolding of this vision is the gift we offer to ourselves and to the world, to the ancestors and the ones yet to come.

I look forward to making this journey with you.

Respectfully, and with love, 

Matt Licata

Why is the Archetype of the Wounded Healer Important in Our World Today?

In the current global environment, I know that many of you are wanting to spend your time and energy in a way that is nourishing and meaningful. While we don’t know exactly where we’re headed, we can slow down and prepare for what is coming next by deepening our wisdom and compassion, for ourselves and for others.

By turning toward the soul, the heart, and the Self, and attuning to its intelligence and guidance, we can recommit to our unique path of transformation and healing, deepen in our felt experience of intimacy, connection, creativity, and aliveness.

Please note that this course is not specifically for “professional” healers. Whether or not you identify as a “healer,” each of us is called in our own way toward a life of wholeness, purpose, and meaning, and we each have our own hurt, pain, grief, and wounding to tend. As such, we are each intimately connected with the archetype and myth of the wounded healer.

The term “wounded healer” has its origins in Greek mythology. Asklepios was the estranged son of the God Apollo, who was raised by Chiron the centaur. Asklepios came to be known as the God of Healing and of Physicians, and there were many Asklepian healing temples throughout ancient Greece.

Pilgrims would come to these temples to sleep, dream, and receive guidance, vision, and blessing. 

I see the work we are doing together now as a modern Asklepian temple, with the architecture of the temple being your own heart and nervous system. 

Both Asklepios and Chiron were wounded and by way of their wounding came to be skillful and effective healers. 

The basic idea underlying the archetype, with respect to this course, is that it is through tending to our wounds that we are able to live fully, to know ourselves at the deepest levels, and to connect with others and with life in a way that is authentic and creative.

It is through attunement to our own woundedness that we are able to connect with healing vectors in the psyche which allow us to be a vessel for healing in the world.

Regardless of whether we identify as “a healer” or work professionally in that capacity, we are all in relationship with this archetype as we each carry a wound that is mysteriously related to a unique longing within us to create, to feel alive, and to love and be loved. 

An Embodied, Trauma-Sensitive Approach to Spiritual Tranformation and Soul-Healing

The purpose of this course is to invite you into the experience of initiation, into a sacred temple, which is actually buried inside you right now, in your neural and bodily circuitry, in the cells of your heart, and in the light-strands of your DNA.

In order to participate in this process of initiation, we have to take some time out of our busy lives, slow down, and listen to the wisdom that is reaching out to us, the ally or the Friend that is calling out to us. 

Through images, metaphors, insights, and practices from diverse traditions such as relational, depth, and somatic psychologies; alchemy and the world’s wisdom traditions; the clinical applications of mindfulness and meditation; and the poetic imagination, we will open to the soul and step into the mystery together. 

Each session will involve a journey for you to make which is oriented in your own native sensitivities and uniqueness, and will  include meditation, experiential work, and teachings with the intention to open a portal into the depths of your own being.


“It’s okay to feel broken.  It’s okay that sadness has come to reorient your world, to purify and wash away old dreams.  Hidden in the melancholic, the grieving, the sensitivity, and the uncertainty are ruby, emerland, silver, and gold.” 

Matt Licata


What We’ll Explore in the Course

Session One

The Path of the Wounded Healer & Revisioning the Idea of “Healing”


  • How our deepest wounds, vulnerabilities, & sensitivities are portals into the true healing we long for
  • How medicine is never found in a wound that is healed, but in a wound that is weeping
  • How to begin to see our wounding as initiation, where we recognize it as a call from a deeper part of the Self, the soul, or the Divine

Session Two

The Creation of an Internal Holding Environment

  • How to create an “internal holding environment,” especially for those who did not have one growing up (i.e. most of us)
  • The archetypal journey from “healing” to “holding” to “already held”
  • Beyond holding and the recognition that we are always, already being held by something vast

Session Three

Shadow & the Redeeming the Lost Pieces of Soul

  • A simple way to understand “the shadow” and why shadow work is so important for each of us
  • How our old strategies of self-protection are early forms of self-compassion and how to bring them up to date
  • The real meaning of “projection” and how to use this organic activity of the psyche as an ally of integration and wholeness

Session Four

Tending to Soul: Meditation, Dream, & Imagination

  • The root meaning of “psychotherapy” as tending to and becoming midwife of the soul, and how each of us are called to engage this in our own lives
  • A simple yet powerful approach to meditation, for those at any level of practice as a way of finding ground, building resource, and opening to inner wisdom
  • How dreams are the language of the soul and a simple way to work with your dreams each day and engage with the creative wisdom and beauty of the psyche


Session Five

The Healing Temple of Close Personal Relationship

  • Why close personal relationships are so uniquely able to reveal our actual level of realization (in a way that is humbling, devastating, and holy)
  • The role of the “Other” on the path and how and why “solo-based” practice needs to be supplemented with relational attunement
  • The two archetypal fears of abandonment and enmeshment that we all face when we allow another to matter


What People are Saying

After being on a dedicated spiritual and therapy path for 20 years, I was feeling stuck, depressed, and that even my most powerful insights and discoveries were no longer helpful or useful. Matt’s willingness to meet me in the darkness, to validate my confusion, and to stay close to me and trust in my process (even when I couldn’t) was a gift I will never forget. It’s rare to meet a therapist like Matt, or teacher, or guide, or just such a good human being.

M.R., Zurich

I never quite understood what true self-compassion was until I worked with Matt. It was as if someone felt me, understood me, heard me, got me for the first time. There is something about that “field of permission” that I was able to access with Matt’s guidance that allowed me to finally stop running, from myself, from others, from the world, and to return home. To slow down and see what I had been missing for so long, my own soul. Thank you.

S.C., Denver

The way Matt weaves together his many years of meditative practice with contemporary insight into neuroscience and psychotherapy was exactly the medicine I needed to breakthrough a dark night that I was immersed in for months. I so appreciate his gentle, wise, and compassionate approach to the mysteries, which served me in a time of profound need. His writings and insights are my constant companion and have literally saved my life more than once.

L.W., Chicago

Here’s What You’ll Receive Inside the Course

#1) A 5-Session Online Course
with Matt Licata

You will be joining Matt on a journey through 5 in-depth sessions, between 75 and 90 minutes in length, including guided meditations, teachings and sharing from Matt’s personal experience and clinical work, and responses to commonly asked questions. 

#2) Video, Audio, and Written Transcripts of Each Session 

Each session will be available to you in video, audio, and written formats, which you can engage at a pace that is right for you.  

#3) Integrative Journaling and Practice Exercises

Matt has recorded and put together a guided practice (or two) and journaling exercises which are part of each session, for you to engage as a way to help integrate session content.

#4)  Meditations and Contemplation

During the sessions, Matt will share meditations and contemplations for you to explore in your own time. These are practices that you can continue long after the course ends, and can come back to over and over as support on your journey. 

Plus Receive These Bonuses

Bonus #1:

Free copy of Matt’s CD “Meditations for Befriending Yourself”

You will receive a digital copy of Matt’s 70-minute guided CD  “Meditations for Befriending Yourself” which you can use as part of your daily practice or anytime you’re wanting to feel more grounded, rested, and connected to yourself and to Life. 


Bonus #2:

Free Case Study: “Trusting Your Experience”

In this downloadable mini eBook, Matt shares his experience with a courageous woman who turned back home toward herself, and what she discovered… and how her journey is our own. 

Bonus #3:

Free mini eBook, “The Invitation of True Intimacy”

In this mini eBook, Matt describes how intimate and close personal relationship is a crucible for healing, one of the most unique temples we have in the modern world for transformation and spiritual discovery. 

About Matt Licata Ph.D.

Matt is a depth psychotherapist, writer, and independent scholar based in Boulder, Colorado. For the last 25 years, he has been involved in the rich and creative dialogue between depth psychological and meditative approaches to personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation.

He is the author of the newly released A Healing Space: Befriending Yourself in Difficult Times (Sounds True, 2020), and also The Path is Everywhere: Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You.

Matt Licata presents:

 The Path of the Wounded Healer

A Five-Session Online Course in Deep Soul Work to Open Your Heart, Tend to Old Wounds, & Find Meaning in Your Life

Here’s what you’ll receive:

1.  A 5 Session, Self-Guided Online Course with Matt

2.  Audio & Video Access to All Session Content

3.  Complete Written Transcripts of All Session Content

4.  Guided Meditations & Experiential Exercises

You Will Also Receive Bonus Gifts:


5. Bonus #1:  Free copy of Matt’s CD “Meditations for Befriending Yourself”

6. Bonus #2:  Free copy of Matt’s mini eBook “Trusting Your Experience”

7. Bonus #3: Free copy of Matt’s mini eBook “The Invitation of True Intimacy”





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My Personal Guarantee & Promise You

I created The Path of the Wounded Healer Course as a source of guidance and personal growth in an uncertain world.  This course is a direct reflection of my own personal and professional journey of discovery.  My sincere hope is that you will benefit from this heartfelt offering.  If you are not satisfied with the first week of online experience, you can simply email us and receive a full refund within the first 7 days.

Matt Licata

Matt’s understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the healing journey, and how meditation and psychological work fit together were a key for me which unlocked the door to a part of myself that I had forgotten about. The way he held my experience and contained it with such love and kindness allowed me to end the war with myself and to begin to perceive even my most challenging emotions and sensitivities as allies and just how he’s right when he says that the path really is everywhere. Spending time with him was a real fork in the road in my life, a true turning point that opened up a whole new way of being for me.

J.R., London

Being on retreat with Matt facilitated a whole new way for me to make sense of what happened to me earlier in my life, a time of trauma and deep wounding. I was convinced there was something wrong with me, that I was flawed, that I had failed, and in those few days the love I ended up feeling for myself and for this life, it’s like my entire perception was cleansed, by some sort of grace Matt helped me to touch. I’m forever grateful.

K.B., Seattle

We were on the brink of divorce and were torn apart inside. We were both sure this was the end, but we sensed there was still a glimmer of hope. We had been to many couple therapists, but no one was able to facilitate the soul-level healing that Matt helped us to confront in ourselves and our relationship. His knowledge of the inner world, the shadow, the meditative journey, and the mystery of relationship, it was like it rewired us from the inside. If it wasn’t for him I’m not sure we would have made it. He has a real gift which clearly comes out of his own journey into the darkness and his own pain.

S.W. and N.W., Portland

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These sessions were recorded as part of a live version of the course, in the spring of 2020. 

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