Private Sessions

***At this time, all sessions are currently booked and I am no longer able to maintain a wait list.***

If you are not seeing any options in the calendar, please check back as sessions tend to fill quickly. You are welcome to place your name on my mailing list to stay in touch regarding future offerings, online courses, private and group mentorship, and additional training opportunities.

I offer mentorship and counseling to individuals, couples, and groups worldwide, via phone (North America only), Zoom, and Skype. Private sessions provide an opportunity to discuss your life and journey with me in a confidential setting, where you can ask questions, receive guidance, and consult with me on whatever you are drawn to explore. 

Click here to view the current calendar. Sessions do tend to fill up quickly. If there are no appointments available, please check back as the calendar is updated regularly. Do note that prepayment (via PayPal) is required in order to reserve a session. 

Private consultations are designed to offer a safe, empathic, yet provocative environment in which you can share your experience and together we can bring new insight, perspective, and compassion to those areas of your life needing extra care and attention. Please note that these at-a-distance consultations are not intended to replace ongoing in-person psychotherapy for those struggling with psychological disorders and clinically-diagnosed conditions. 

For example, we might tend to issues of meaning and purpose; transpersonal experience, meditation, and your spiritual path; working with difficult emotions and limiting beliefs; reclaiming/ integrating the shadow and lost parts of yourself; issues of self-worth and self-acceptance; navigating times of transition, hopelessness, and confusion; tending to grief, disappointment, and uncertainty; matters of work and vocation; or challenges you may be encountering in intimate (and other) relationship. The content of our discussion and the direction of our encounter is fully up to you and need not be limited to the above-mentioned areas.

While my background is in relational and depth psychologies – as well as in mindfulness-based, contemplative approaches to psychological growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation – these consultations are not intended to diagnose, assess, or treat psychological, emotional, or personality disorders; or to work with deeply embedded trauma or other clinical conditions, such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, or severe anxiety and depression. Private sessions are designed more in the spirit of spiritual guidance, spiritual direction, counseling, coaching, and consulting. 

While formal supervision is not currently being offered, professionals (psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, nurses, executives, medical practitioners, etc.) are welcome to schedule a consultation to speak about your practice and specific issues related to your work.

If you are interested in in-person psychotherapy and live in the Boulder/ Denver area, please visit the Psychotherapy page.  Please note, however, that my psychotherapy practice is currently closed to new patients and I am no longer maintaining a wait list.